Pau Baiget

PhD, SW Engineer, and Tech Lead

I am a seasoned software engineer and technical lead with experience in different technological areas: computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning, gaming, and algorithms. I combine research experience from my PhD and software engineering experience in different industries.

My objectives are to keep growing as both engineer and technical manager. I enjoy high-level software engineering discussions and also helping other engineers advance their careers. I am excited about problem solving, specially around data structures and algorithms.

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PhD in Computer Science

July 2009 - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

PhD in Computer Science with excellent "Cum Laude". Thesis on computer vision and artificial intelligence.

BsC in Computer Science

July 2005 - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

BsC in Computer Science. Speciality in programming, computer graphics and artifical intelligence.


Computer Science Skills

Software Engineering
Agile methodologies
Computer Graphics
Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Customer Interaction

Languages and tools


Work Experience

Software Development Manager at Oracle

May 2018

Mobile Team Lead at Social Point

Jun 2017

I'm lead mobile software engineer at the very successful game Dragon City. My tasks involve Agile team management, full-cycle feature development, release planning and coordination, and stakeholders management.

Staff Tech Lead at ARM

Jan 2014

I'm leading a customer-focused engineering team. We work closely with customers on key features of the ARM Mali DDK to help them differentiating. I am responsible for some key partner engagements and I have participated on several onsite camps to support them in the integration of flagship devices.

Senior Software Engineer at ARM

Jan 2012

Senior member of the Media Processing Group, in charge of developing the graphics drivers for the new generation of ARM Mali GPUs. I participate in the design and implementation of new Khronos graphics standards such as OpenGL ES 3.x and Vulkan, optimizing the Mali DDK for new Android versions.

Senior Software Engineer at Fluendo

Feb 2010

OpenGL 3D game engine optimization and Django-based customer platform development.

Lecturer at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Jan 2006

4 years teaching about data structures and algorithms and AI.

Research engineer and Project Manager at Computer Vision Center

Jan 2006

I participated in several projects, including two European Projects. Contributed on both research and prototype development.

Software Engineer at Ubae Fitness

Jan 2005

Lead developer on several distributed J2EE projects, including a biometric access control.

Lecturer Academia ASES

Jan 2001

4 years teaching computability and complexity theory. Still P=NP is not known.

Research Activity

My activity research has been focused on computer vision and artificial intelligence, specially on the analysis of human activity in video. This involved data acquisition (computer vision), reasoning (artificial intelligence) and displaying the results (NL generation and computer graphics). The results have led to produce at least four journal publications with impact factor and several refereed international conferences. I am also interested in computer graphics, complexity theory, and algorithmics in general.

My PhD Thesis was written in the context of the European Project "Hermes":

Marc Castelló, Jordi Gonzàlez, Ariel Amato, Pau Baiget, Carles Fernández, Josep M. Gonfaus, Ramón A. Mollineda Cárdenas, Marco Pedersoli, Nicolas Pérez de la Blanca, F. Xavier Roca

Exploiting Multimodal Interaction Techniques for Video-Surveillance.

Multimodal Interaction in Image and Video Applications 2013: 135-151

Pau Baiget, Carles Fernández, F. Xavier Roca, Jordi Gonzàlez

Trajectory-Based Abnormality Categorization for Learning Route Patterns in Surveillance.

Detection and Identification of Rare Audiovisual Cues 2012: 87-95

Carles Fernández, Pau Baiget, F. Xavier Roca, Jordi Gonzàlez

Determining the best suited semantic events for cognitive surveillance.

Expert Syst. Appl. 38(4): 4068-4079 (2011)

Carles Fernández, Pau Baiget, Francesc Xavier Roca, Jordi Gonzàlez

Augmenting video surveillance footage with virtual agents for incremental event evaluation.

Pattern Recognition Letters 32(7): 878-889

Pau Baiget, Carles Fernández, F. Xavier Roca, Jordi Gonzàlez:

Generation of augmented video sequences combining behavioral animation and multi-object tracking.

Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation 20(4): 473-489 (2009)

Pau Baiget, Carles Fernández, F. Xavier Roca, Jordi Gonzàlez:

Interpretation of complex situations in a semantic-based surveillance framework.

Sig. Proc.: Image Comm. 23(7): 554-569 (2008)